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    Thomas Panels

    Whether you're developing single or multiple units, Thomas is ready to help with insulated panels, tile effect sheets, steel flat sheets, bespoke flashings and metal formed gutters. We understand that commercial projects need special attention and require different materials. We offer plastisol coatings in primary colours and metallic finishes and we're used to putting whole product packages together. Our attention to detail ensures your materials are delivered right when you need them, and that you have peace of mind.

Steel Flat Sheets

  • Standard Stock:
    3000 x 1250mm
  • Capacity:
    Up to 6500 x 1250mm
  • Turnaraound:
    2 – 3 Days

We manufacture flat sheets from pre-coated 1250mm wide coil and can cut to any length up to 6500mm, with 3000mm being standard. There are 3 main types of coating:

200 micron leathergrain plastisol on a 275g galvanised substrate

Guaranteed up to 25 years, Thomas Panels and Profiles plastisol coated steel flat sheets offer excellent corrosion resistance, durability and formability. Being available in a wide range of colours means it is the ideal product for numerous applications, including construction, flashing manufacture, HEVAC industries and general engineering


25 micron external polyester on a 275g galvanised substrate

Thomas Panels and Profiles polyester coated steel flat sheets are the first choice pre-coated material for agricultural applications, offering a cost effective solution over pre-coated alternatives combined with good UV resistance and life span.


15-20 micron bright white liner on a galvanised substrate

Flat sheet bright white liner can be formed to suit all manner of construction applications from internal liner flashings to insulated gutters.

A clear, strippable film is applied to polyester coated flat sheet as part of the production process to give protection against scratches during fitting or forming.

*colours will vary on screen – swatches are available