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    Corrugated roofing has been a popular choice for a variety of buildings for many years. It is simple to install and has excellent shielding qualities, it is still incredibly popular giving a traditional, quality look and feel.

Corrugated Steel

Corrugated roofing  has been a popular choice for a variety of buildings for many years. It is simple to install and has excellent colour retention properties and enhanced UV shielding qualities, it is still  incredibly popular giving a traditional, quality look and feel.

Thomas Panels and profiles manufacture and supply fully primed 275 galvanised steel corrugated roof sheets to main contractors, businesses and the domestic sector.

We offer corrugated sheeting in guage thickness of 0.5mm & 0.7mm and in a varieties of finishes.

Where is corrugated suitable?

  • Garages
  • Farm buildings
  • Car ports
  • Over cladding
  • Sheds
  • Summer houses
  • Sheppards huts
  • Workshops
  • Dog kennels / runs

We offer corrugated in different widths

TPP 14/3 Corrugated – cover width 990mm. TPP 14-3 CORRUGATED Section Illustration

TPP 12/3 Corrugated – cover width 914mm TPP 12-3 CORRUGATED Section Illustration

TPP 11/3 Corrugated – cover width 838mm TPP 11-3 CORRUGATED Section Illustration

TPP 10/3 Corrugated – cover width 762mm TPP 10-3 CORRUGATED Section Illustration

TPP 8/3 Corrugated – cover width 609mm TPP 8-3 CORRUGATED Section Illustration

Corrugated is also known as sinusoidal and is a long lasting profile lasted the test of time. The corrugated profile range is ideal for a wide range of applications reflecting the materials excellent versatility. Corrugated was originally developed in Europe over 60 years ago and is now used extensively worldwide in over 130 countries.

Corrugated Curving

Corrugated has an advantage over the other profiles because it can be manipulated into a curve to suit requirements and can be supplied to you in required radius and lengths. Typical uses are

  • Dutch Barns
  • Barrel Roofs
  • Piggery Arcs

We only manufacture corrugated curves in 0.7mm thickness. we are able to assist with calculations to ensure that your sheets are perfect for your build. the only information you need to supply is the span, rise and length of arc.